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    • #SiberianPrincess (Classic)
    • #SiberianPrincess Everyday False Eyelashes
    • #SiberianPrincess (Classic) & (High-Class) Lashes
    • Everyday False Eyelashes


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    Wear'em Like a #SiberianPrincess!

    #SiberianPrincess is proud to introduce a new and improved lightweight cotton blend lash band that is 30% thinner and more flexible than its competition’s! This means great news for even my most petite princesses with small or hooded eyes! Now you can draw a thinner and more natural-looking line with your eyeliner under your everyday false eyelashes (part of a standard application procedure) as to avoid the common concern of visually making the eyes appear smaller due to a thicker black line on the top eyelid.

    #SiberianPrincess everyday false eyelashes are ideal for not only my royal newbies who want the most natural-looking lashes on the market, but also my expert lashaholics who enjoy mascara smudge and clump-free days at the office ever since switching to Minki Lashes! And my Asian princesses love this particular style as their go-to everyday false eyelashes because no one can tell that they are wearing them!

    It’s hard being a princess (especially a Siberian one cause it’s soooo darn cold!)…but someone has to do it! 😉